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An artist proposes making human-leather fashion grown from Alexander McQueen’s DNA, raising genetic ownership questions. Drones might dismantle land mines quickly and safely. Plus, engineers designed interlocking blocks that change and encode sound.

Tina Gorjanc plans to regrow deceased fashion designer Alexander McQueen's skin for use in leather jackets and bags, raising questions about individual genetic rights.

Land mines can linger and pose a threat long after any conflict they were part of is over. A new drone project could finally offer a way to safely and inexpensively eliminate the problematic explosives.

Engineers have created small, interlocking acoustic blocks that can change, and even encode, sound.

Researchers are making aerospace insulation out of bread. Saving both cows and lions from harm may be as simple as painting eyes on the cows’ rumps. Plus: Are gun violence and police violence on the rise, or are we just more aware of that violence?

Can painting two crude eyes on a cow's rump help protect it from lion attacks? One Australian conservation biologist thinks so.

A group of researchers in China propose a new way to make a special insulating material and it starts with baking bread.

The U.S. has a Transhumanist Party presidential candidate: What IS transhumanism? A car accident is raising questions about the safety and responsibility of autonomous vehicles. Plus, a study indicates that marijuana has a long-term impact on emotions.

Are incidents of violence – particularly gun violence, and shootings by police officers – on the rise in the United States? Or is our awareness of these events what’s increasing? Here are some key statistics about gun violence, police shootings, news media, and social media.

In May 2016, a man died in an accident when the autopilot feature on his Tesla vehicle failed to detect a truck. Are autonomous cars inherently dangerous?

Transhumanists just held their Augmented World Expo in San Jose and the Transhumanist Party even has a presidential candidate. But what does it mean to be a transhumanist, and how will we know when we transcend to a higher human form?

A chatbot has helped people save $4 million in unfair parking tickets. A comprehensive study linked moving during adolescence to adverse life outcomes. Plus, some people fall in love with inanimate objects: It’s called objectum sexuality.

A man has symbolically married his smartphone in a Las Vegas commitment ceremony. But he's not the only one who's pursued a meaningful relationship with inanimate objects. 

A 19-year-old programmer built a chatbot designed to do one thing: overturn parking tickets.

There's always a little shampoo left in the bottle -- and now scientists have a way to make sure you get to soap up with each and every last drop.

Applying an electric charge to chocolate makes it flow easier and removes fat. New research may end the eternal struggle to get that last bit of shampoo out of the bottle. Plus, a Supreme Court decision loosens the reins on how cops can collect evidence.

Everyone knows that moving is a kind of mini-apocalypse to a child, but are such moves intrinsically harmful? Are kids who move around a lot more prone to psychiatric illness, suicide and unnatural death? A shocking new study suggests that they are.

Chocolate manufacturers accidentally discovered that applying an electric field to melted chocolate can make it taste better.

As of June 20th, yes. The Supreme Court ruled that evidence found by police officers after an illegal stop can still be used in court. Is this an erosion of citizen’s rights, or an important step in giving the good guys an edge in the war on crime?

A crime wave in New Zealand is targeting avocados. Exercise a few hours after studying may enhance memory recall. Plus, heating this polymer to human body temperature can make it do some heavy lifting.

Exercise might just be a great memory power-up, according to a new Dutch study -- provided you hit the gym 4 hours after class.

Crop shortages of avocados in New Zealand have led to rising prices, large-scale thefts and a black market for the fruit. And this has happened before.

A vaccine that destroys tumors is being tested in cancer patients. Exposure to artificial lighting has been linked to childhood obesity. Plus, comics appear to be the only print medium that's thriving alongside its new digital counterpart.

While other print media's struggling in the wake of digital content, comic book sales are on the rise. Why do comics still sell well, both digitally and in print?

The blade of one of King Tutankhamun’s ceremonial daggers came from outer space. The U.S. Department of Defense’s nuclear weapons systems run on 50-year-old technology. Plus, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wants to make space startups possible and send heavy industry into orbit.