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10/14/2015: DARPA has a request for proposal out asking companies to submit ideas for a vanishing drone. How would that work?

07/27/2015: What brought together an Apple founder, a Google executive, Tesla's CEO and a theoretical physicist? Bots on the warpath.

07/30/2015: There's gold in them there sewers - microbial gold. Find out why some researchers at MIT are donning biohazard suits and lowering themselves into sewer systems.

07/30/2015: It was long assumed that nitrates in urban grime are 'locked' in place. Find out how sediment from pollution is belching its way back into the atmosphere.

08/19/2015: Have you ever watched a film and thought, "Oh, I hope she doesn't go through that door."? What if the character could actually hear your thoughts and act on them?

09/01/2015: What happens when a bird needs to be heard over the din of us loud humans? They shout. But at what cost?

09/02/2015: Are you looking for that someone special but you're tired of sending candidates to the Tinder reject pile? Artificial intelligence is here to save the day!

09/03/2015: How do you feel about that money-sucking slot machine? As new research indicates, the human tendency to imbue the three-armed bandit with human thought only gives it more insidious power over the gambler.

09/09/2015: What happens when you attempt to age whisky in microgravity? Who would even think to ask? We have answers for both questions!

09/10/2015: French scientists discovered a 30,000 year old virus frozen in the Siberian wastelands. It's big, complex and we're quite keen to resurrect it in the lab.

09/16/2015: NASA plans to send a Microsoft HoloLens headset up to the International Space Station. Are astronauts getting ready to play Minecraft?

09/17/2015: Perhaps you've caught wind of corpse-sucking tree roots in Ireland. Explore the science of what's going on here and why some folks long for the post-mortem embrace of mother tree root.

09/22/2015: Can abstaining from a wee make you a better liar? Find out how inhibiting the urge to pee crosses over into the dark art of deceit.

09/23/2015: What's the Volkswagen scandal all about and what are the consequences?

We tend to think of ant colonies as a finely tuned eusocial system, but a new study from the University of Arizona explores the essential role that laziness seems to play in the kingdom of the ants.

09/29/2015: It's no yoke. Molecular chemists dare to do what no one has done before them: unboil an egg. Find out how they did it and why (a deep disdain for deviled eggs?).

10/01/2015: How will future mans feed themselves and survive amid a wasteland of plastic garbage? The lowly mealworm offers a potential solution to both problems, with the latest research identifying their curious ability to digest Styrofoam.