Stuff From the Future: Video Podcast

Every day in the United States, an average of 18 people die while waiting for an organ transplant. Could we solve this problem with printers? Join Ben Bowlin as he examines the current research into organ printing -- and what it could mean for the future.

Will overpopulation alter the commonly-accepted family structure? Tune in as General Manager and Editor-in-Chief Conal Byrne discusses how current global trends may alter future societies, and possibly change the concept of 'family' altogether.

Whether we're talking about automatons like the Borg or heroes like the Bionic Man, we're all familiar with the cyborgs of science fiction. But how close are we to a cybernetic future? Listen in as Robert Lamb explains the role of cyborgs in the future.

What will cities of the future look like? Julie Douglas from Stuff to Blow Your Mind predicts the future of urban living.

Will access to water be a source fo conflict in the future? Join Ben Bowlin, writer for, as he explores the future of water.

Technology isn't just changing the way people encounter new information -- it's also changing the way people encounter each other. Tune in as Cristen explains how technology will affect relationships, families and children in the future.

Will computers of the future have the ability to design themselves? Is it possible that human beings may be able to download their consciousness onto machines? Join TechStuff's Jonathan Strickland as he takes a closer look at the singularity.

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